Do you manage commercial or industrial properties? Are you a real estate agent with a portfolio of rental units?


Tree issues are probably something you have to deal with on an occasional basis, and Rick’s Tree Services would like to work with you when the need arises.

For over a decade, Rick’s Tree Services has worked with many Property Managers, Real Estate Agents and Landlords in Grande Prairie - on a variety of commercial and industrial lots, around condos and apartments, and a wide range of residential properties. With our 50 ft towable lift, we can provide Tree Trimming/Pruning, plus full Cut, Removal & Disposal Services for dead, dying or hazardous trees.

We understand that as a property manager or landlord, as it relates to trees, your priorities are for your clients safety, protecting your investment, and great service at an affordable price. Rick’s Tree Services is staffed by professionals, fully insured and WCB compliant, and makes the safety of the public, our clients and staff our number one priority.


Here’s what Rick’s Tree Services can offer you as an ongoing client:

  • fast quotes & written (PDF) estimates, tailored to your requirements - we’re happy to work with you, as your representative or with tenant/client directly

  • a discounted rate for tree removals, no minimum for pricing

  • fast response in a hazardous situation due to weather

  • will work on weekends/evenings to minimize disruption to your clients, their parking lots, retail locations, etc

  • provide advice on issues such as pruning vs removal from a cost perspective

  • Safe work-sites that are left clean when the work is done

If you have any tree issues you’d like addressed, or would like to talk about trees or vegetation on your commercial or residential property, give Andrew a call at 780-228-3508

Some of the Property Management clients we’ve worked for: